Loan without Guarantor

Applying for a loan without a guarantor is not a simple thing. In this case, those applying for funding know that they cannot rely on anyone. In such situations, if you are unable to proceed with a single signature, what we can offer as an alternative to the personal loan ( more… )

Early repayment of the loan

We have written this practical guide, updated to 2019, with all the information you need to proceed with the early repayment of a loan. If you are in possession of the liquidity necessary to pay off your debt, closing the loan early, you must first of all know that it ( more… )

Free credit cards – Loan Here

A free credit card can help you in different situations. In this article we list the most competitive free cards available in Italy in 2019. You can evaluate which is the zero-fee card that best suits your needs, without worrying about running into cards that provide hidden costs and expenses. ( more… )

Why are loans refused?

Did you go to a bank branch to apply for a loan and after talking to the employee did you see your proposal declined? Have you turned to a financial institution via the Internet and in this case you have not achieved success? At this point, would you like to ( more… )

Social lending – Loans without a bank

Social lending (often abbreviated as P2P lending and in Italian as a loan between private individuals) is defined as a personal loan granted by private individuals to other private individuals on the Internet, through the sites of social lending companies, without therefore going through the traditional channels represented by financial ( more… )